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Cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Sure seems like a funny title for a web page doesn't it. Who the heck could ever call cancer good for you....Well, I do. Let me show you why:

-At the age of 39, I was a typical fat, unhappy, white, suburban, moderately educated, middle-aged man. My life at that point was pretty much as it was going to be until I retired or died. My heart attack was expected within the next ten years, my mid-life crisis was just ending, my grandkids were starting to arrive. Pretty much a boring typical life.



the cancer hit and my whole world changed. Here's some examples:

-The employer that I'd always believed to be very generous and kind-hearted fired me. Although they took me back on a legal technicality, I knew not to trust them. That's part of why I...

-Went back to college: I'd always wanted to return to finish my Bachelor's Degree, but thought I had plenty of time. Once I had my mortality shoved in my face, I realized there's no time like the present. Plus, being fired showed me I needed something better on my resume.

-Took better care of myself physically: It's easy to play tough when you're young and healthy. I smoked, drank heavily, over-ate, and never exercised. I still stayed in reasonable shape......until the chemo started. That left me a fat lump. That, coupled with a desire to never have to spend another month in a hospital again has led me to exercise, quit smoking, and eat better. I still drink prodigious amounts of beer. A person without a vice is just no fun!

-Reduced my stress: I've prioritized my life slightly. I've come to learn that my family and personal satisfaction are far more important than social appearances or the opinions of my co-worker/supervisors. Let's face it, the only people that I've ever cared about were my family, so it makes no sense to worry about what anyone else thinks of me.

Also, having my mortality shoved in my face showed me what I truly wanted to accomplish before I go. Sitting there thinking about all you didn't get to do is a lovely way to see what you really want to do. Now, I'm working off THAT list rather than just aimlessly living my life. It's good to have a purpose to your life.

-Stopped worrying as much. I just recently bought two new cars. Previously, I would have been panic stricken about all of the money I was obligating myself for. Now, I'm still concerned, but went ahead and made the purchase anyway. I don't ruminate as much about the bad aspects of our lives; I just keep doing what I want or need and enjoy what I can.

-Stay busy and focused. There's so much to do and so little time to do it.

Now, I'm living my dreams. I have the degree I've always regretted not getting, I have a new position as a "professional" in my company, and I've learned that there's nothing I can't do if I'm willing to work hard enough for it.

I can finally say:

I have lived the best life I can!

How many people can truly say that!