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NEW! Version 4.0.0 - No more duplicate entries in search results!!

While out hiking a few years ago, I thought about how I would have tried to find some information I had recently sought. I have a huge variety of information spread over a wide range of software formats. Finding a summary of what happened on a particular day, or a particular topic would take several different searches in several different places and not produce one overall summary. Thus, the "Life Database" was born!

My criteria:

-No proprietary data formats. Readable by any text reader

-Able to store meta-data as well as simple text entries. I store Statistics too.

-Modules for a variety of categories

-Able to output to a chartable format. For the data.

-Quick data intake. No more than 2 mouse-clicks to input data.

My first attempt

1 category, each function on its own tab

Bill Lazure's Life Database, the First Attempt

Next Version. Quick Intake form. 1 Mouse-click to start inputting data.

Module opening page of the Life Database

Input your data, hit OK, voila!

Data Input page of the Lazure Life Database

The Main Form

Main Form of the New Lazure Life Database

Complex Search

Life Database Complex Search Page

List Editor

Life Database List Choice Editor

Color Scheme Picker

Life Database Color Style Picker
Different Life Database Color styles

Download Life Database Here

It consists of a .ZIP file that contains 4 files: Life Database. exe, Life Database.xml, Life Database Help.pdf, and database.ini

Extract the contents to a folder and run Life Database.exe. Load your data, and enjoy!

**As always, I am not a professional programmer. You use this program at your own peril. If you experience system issues or data loss...sorry, I warned you! I will not be held responsible any losses you incur from using this software.