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My Homebrew Bench DVM
At a Hamfest many years ago I found some ICL7107 ADCs for sale cheap.  I'd always wanted a dedicated bench DVM and this allowed me the opportunity to try to build one.  It took several years for this project to float to the top of my project list, mainly because in the intervening years I bought a high-end Fluke DVM for an impossibly low price.  Regardless, I undertook the project and now have a very custom built-in bench DVM.
Schematic:  Power Supply
Schematic: ADC And Display
Schematic:  Switching & Current Generator
PCB:  Power Supply, Single-sided, viewed thru top
PCB: ADC & Display, Top-Side
PCB: ADC & Display, Bottom view (Viewed thru top)
PCB: Switching, Single-sided viewed thru top