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Custom Leather Cell Phone Holster

Bill Lazure's Homemade Leather Cell Phone Holster

I qualified for an upgrade telephone, so I took the plunge and asked for an Android-Based device. Since it was quite expensive, I wanted the most protective cover available. The salesman offered me their best "Holster". After I'd paid for it and it was being installed, I realized it wasn't actually a holster, but a clip. I don't like clips because the phone can easily fall out without your knowledge. I opted to keep this one though, because it also used a heavy case around the entire phone; both polycarbonate plastic and an outer shell of rubber. Thus, I needed to find (or make) a holster myself.

A project was born!

On a recent visit to Lancaster, PA, I found a fabric store selling leather pieces for $1 each. I picked up two pieces about 2 square feet each. The stiffer of these two became the heart of this project. Below is the cutting pattern for the main piece of the holster:

Cutout pattern of the Leather Cell Phone Holster.
In addition to the main piece shown above, two side pieces need to be cut. They measure 2.25 x 1.25 each. The longer sides of these pieces are punched and laced onto the side tabs of the body as shown below:
Attachment of the sides of teh Lazure Cell Phone Holster
One more piece needs to be cut: the Belt loop. It is a rectangle measuring 3" x 1.75". The bottom attachment is shown in the photo below. To attach the top, I punched 8 holes in two square groups and laced two "X"'s. I then tucked the loose ends into the joints between the two pieces. I used a permanently attached belt loop, but if you prefer, you can attach only the top and use snaps at the bottom.
The Belt strap of the Cell Phone Holster
Finally, I finished it by adding a snap on the flap and on the front so I could securely close it.
The snap that holds the Lazure Cell Phone Holster closed

Materials List

1 Pc Leather (stiff) 11" x 6" - Main body

2 Pc Leather 2.25" x 1/25" -Sides

1 Pc Leather (heavy) 3" x 1.75" (belt Loop)

1 Snap

3 feet Leather Lacing