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Mechanical Drawings for the Bench LCD SWR & RF Power Meters

The chassis is primarily bent sheet aluminum. There's nothing particularly special about it. The things that are unique to me are:

-The PCBs are not mounted using standoffs, rather they have several large tantalum capacitors soldered on the bottom that act as "separators" between the bottom of the PCB and the chassis. Then simple screws are used to secure the board.

-The LCD positioning must be fairly precise. Rather than construct a complicated bracket to hold it, I cut a piece of double-sided FR-4 and soldered it to the top of the PCB. It's cut at the same angle as the mounting angle of the LCD so the LCD naturally rests on it and is supported on the bottom by the connecting wires.

-I can't paint aluminum. The faces are made with photo-paper secured with double-sided tape, but for the chassis, I used Brushed-Stainless looking contact paper. It won't show any scratches and looks quite nice.

I haven't found a reasonably priced commercial source of simple LCD bezels, but I am very fortunate to have a 3D printer available to me for only the cost of the material. Thus a little work in a 3D modelling program and voila! a bezel is born. It's mounted with the same double-sided tape as the faceplate paper.

Inner View of the Lazure SWR & RF Power meters
Diagram of the strut that supports the LCD in the Lazure Digital SWR & Power meters